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American Society of Civil Engineers Membership

Interested in Becoming a Member?

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is a national organization that connects civil engineers from all over the country. ASCE is an amazing way to meet professionals, gain great experience through participating in competitions such as Concrete Canoe or Steel Bridge, give back to the community, and have the opportunity to tour sites. Many employers like to see students that are involved in clubs like ASCE.

At WSU, our membership cost is $30 for one school year. The cost of membership includes access to all of ASCE’s exciting events!

Attend a meeting for more information, pay the $30 membership fee, and you will have completed your first step in becoming a member of Washington State University’s ASCE chapter!



Membership Form

Come to the Civil Center (PACCAR 202) during a chapter meeting to pay your $30 (cash) membership fee!

Contact Colin Taylor or Seger Smith for more information on the membership fee!

Emails listed under officers.