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American Society of Civil Engineers Concrete Canoe

About Us

We are the Concrete Canoe team at Washington State University!

Currently, we are in the design phase and are preparing mix designs, themes and plans for construction of the canoe. The competition is set for Saint Martin’s University; April 12-14th, 2019.

We hold meetings every Thursday at 7 pm in Sloan 38. Feel free to come by and see what we are up to!




Captains: Ryan Nash, Nathan Sparks & Kevin Allan


Facebook: WSU Concrete Canoe


    • Concrete Canoe Overall Placements

      2007 Placed 1st at Regionals & went to Nationals

      2009 Placed 3rd at Regionals

      2010 Catfish Placed 3rd at Regionals

      2011 [Product]Crimson Placed 1st at Regionals & went to Nationals

      2012 Aeterna Placed 3rd at Regionals

      2013 Petrified Placed 3rd at Regionals

      2016 Crimson Cascade Placed 10th at Regionals

      • Design Report Placed 4th

      • Oral Presentation Placed 10th

      • Final Product Placed 10th

      • Concrete Frisbee Placed 1st

      • Races Placed 12th

        • Women’s Sprints Placed 8th

        • Women’s Endurance Placed 11th

        • Men’s Endurance Placed 9th

      2017 Ferdinand Placed 7th at Regionals

      • Design Report Placed 12th

      • Oral Presentation Placed 5th

      • Final Product Placed 4th

      • Races Placed 12th

        • Women’s Endurance Placed 9th

        • Men’s Endurance Placed 4th

        • Coed Sprints Placed 10th